PACT Personal Action Coaching Track

I am proud to present you the opportunity to participate in the dynamic and powerful Personal Action Coaching Track more commonly referred to as PACT.  You notice I use the word coaching and not mentoring.  Coaching implies action - and if accepted - you will be taking plenty of action.  I will personally help you get your real estate business to the next level. 


The overall goal of PACT is for you to make money in your real estate investment business by being a Transaction Engineer.  Plain and simple.  If you take action on my advice and invest the necessary time doing the high impact activities that will increase your bottom line, you WILL make money! 


As part of your PACT I will provide you guidance to help you in your decision making and evaluation processes.  I will also consult on real deals with you.  These will be your deals and you will be responsible for making them happen. I will provide you the necessary information, guidance and intellectual resources to make them happen safely and profitably.  Since they will be your deals, done by you, all profits from those deals will be yours.  Whether they are cash deals, rehabs, short sales, subject to’s, lease options or whatever, I will provide you the tools to successfully complete them.  You’ll learn to ask the right questions to determine which type of client you may be dealing with.  Why hang up the phone when asking a few more questions may yield you a thousand or 20 thousand dollars?  You’ll also learn when you should cut your losses and just hang up the phone.


The objectives of PACT  are:

  • To provide structure.  You will have a game plan with specific activities to complete each week.  You will know the high impact activities (ones that directly result in money in your pocket) and the activities necessary to run a small business. And you will know how much time to spend on each.
  • To provide accountability.  You may have a spouse hollering at you and asking you what you did all day.  Now, you have me.  I won’t holler, but I will hold you accountable for what you commit to.  We’ll talk one- on- one once a week.  When you get off track, I’ll help you get back on track. When you get stuck, I’ll be here to help you through it. 
  • To provide tools and knowledge.  You will have special access to the tools, forms and knowledge I’ve spent more time and money on than you can imagine.  I will share with you the forms and tools I personally use.  (Although I share some tools and forms now, I usually don’t share my personal tools with the general public, but I will share them with you).
  • To provide a safe place for you to make real deals.  That’s the entire point, isn’t it?  It’s all about making the deals that are going to make you money.  You will be required to make at least 1 deal during this 6 month Personal Action Coaching.  Don’t know where you’re going to find a great deal?  Don’t think you can buy because you don’t know where you’ll get the money?   Nervous you won’t be able to find a buyer or renter?  I’ll help you through all the hurdles.

The program will work as follows:

  • The groups will be limited in size
  • Each segment program will run for 6 months
  • We will have a minimum of 2 group conference calls per month lasting approximately 2 hours
  • Each participant will have one private and scheduled 30 minute call once a week
  • Each participant will have unrestricted e-mail access
  • There will be at least two activities involving the entire group
  • Each participant will be expected to commit to transacting at least one deal
  • There will be objectives and tasks assigned regularly (yes friends, homework)

During PACT, you will

  • Define and document your personal goals and objectives as they relate to real estate investments. I will also work with you on specific needs and we will customize objectives based on your experience and skill level.
  • Take a hard look at what’s stopping you from achieving your goals and together we’ll try to turn that around for you.
  • Feel comfortable being a transaction engineer.
  • Set up your business systems to support you and your needs
  • Put in the time and take the actions necessary to complete a deal.  (Yes, I’ll be there for you from beginning to end)

This is not a focus group.  This is a personal action group.  I apologize to you now if your application is not accepted.  Because of the limited size of the group (I thought about accepting twice as many people but then I couldn’t give you  the personal attention you deserve), I must evaluate each applicant to determine how committed each is to working the program.  Enthusiasm counts.  Actions count even more!  Coachability is key.


Unlike most coaching programs, where the coach charges a fee plus up to 75% of the profits from each deal, for a pre-determined period, I am offering this program with two payment options:


1 Single Payment of                $8,000

2 Quarterly Payments of         $4,500



To enter, visit:

Simply enter your name and email address after visiting the link above. An application will be sent straight to your email inbox!

There are only three types of people in this world; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who ask what happened?  Participation in this program will be limited to only those in category one.  If that’s you, apply now before all spots are reserved.  Applications will be reviewed and considered as they come in.  So, if you’re serious about making your business work, fill out your name and email below to get an application ASAP, before it’s too late.